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I know I told you that I would have an awesome workout yesterday, BUT I decided to have it another day. I hear you thinking “You are a lazy girl”, but I can assure you I have a GOOD
reason for not stimulating my happy hormones!

The thing is… I cleaned my room the day before like a crazy woman, and I kinda overdid it.

After waiting for the little dwarfs to come and clean for a week, I got so mad and… like I said, I overdid it… IT CAN HAPPEN TO EVERYONE!

Result: a leg and my butt were hurting like hell (as a result of the cleaning obviously!).

So yeah…since it is way to hot today and tomorrow (+30°C), I resheduled it to saturday or sunday. Instead of 3x30min a week I will have a loooong, sweaty, overstimulation happy hormones session then :p.

Ok enough about workouts! Thinking and writing about it feels like almost having one!

So…I watched a piece of The Last Airbender yesterday and it went like this:

-First 10minutes: “Hey! This doesn’t look so bad and the acting isn’t sooooo bad… people must be overreacting!”

-First 15-20minutes:”Jippie actionscene => (1min later) damn useless wannabe actionscene with bad transitions… fuck this shit! I am going to watch The Final Poker Table dvd”

Ok… maybe I still give it a shot but it got bad faster then Daneels could say “that naked picture of that little girl on my pc is an accident… I didn’t do it!”

So I decided to end my evening yesterday with watching 30 minutes of that Phil Gordon poker dvd, which I really liked to be honest!

I finally know how to calculate pot odds and Implied odds mwhahahha BEWARE!

I almost forgot to mention it, but I did have a winning session yesterday at 10NL! I won 4.60 dollars or something :o). I really needed that! Luckily I feel that I am learning a lot at 10NL. That is the only
reason why I stay there atm, otherwise I would have gone down to 2NL

I guess everyone has a bad day, week, some… even a year…. I would say “NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON AND YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!”

Need a bit more then my encouragement… maybe this video can help you out a bit:

or this one:

xxx and <3

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Comment by ADZ124 on July 9, 2010 at 4:14pm
omg the first vid is awesome


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