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Oh, wonderful life...

I often wonder how many like me there is out there in the world. Life can often be a struggle no matter where you`re from. People, absolutely all people have some sort of problems. The only thing most people have in common is that they don`t talk about them. It doesn`t matter how good things are, some of us will fuck it up eventually. It`s in our nature. What about the problems? How do we deal with them? We hide them within our own nutshell, and keep these things to ourselves. Eventually it can be devastating.

Most people have got a good chance in the beginning. It`s like Aces vs snowmen. 80% of us come out ok in the end. My life was just like that, to be born in Norway is actually like getting a sponsorshipdeal from Pokerstars. 99% of people here have all the tools they need to succeed because of all the oil in the North sea.
You get free education/health care, it doesn`t matter. The government pays for it. Some Norwegians might feel offended, but I think its the truth. They complain about high taxes, gas prices or whatever comes to mind. The worst part is probably the elderly care, which most norwegians complain about all the time. Simply because no one wants to take care of their own parents when they get old. What I`m trying to say is that most Norwegians are spoiled beyond understanding.

Enough of that, now you know where I`m from. My upbringing was a rollercoaster, but I don`t think I was damaged in any way from it. But with my path laid in front of me with opportunities, I never seemed to take the right path.
I think some of us are just ment to do different things, and some of us can`t seem to do most things right. I am one of those people, I am aware of it, but I still do these stupid mistakes over and over again.

I fucked up my education, most job opportunities, my credit, relationships. I fucked up my health with drinking on and off for the last 12 years or so. I fuck up my head with drugs from time to time because I can`t seem to tolerate what a failure I`ve become. During these years I still had a lot of fun, most of the time actually.
So how bad can it be? My thoughts have always been that so many people don`t have the luxury that I`ve got. I`m norwegian, I`ve got all these opportunities. But I still choose to fuck it up. Some of us are just different.

To live life day by day can be exhausting. But it can create scenarios you could never accomplish by living the straight life that so many people do. You can meet extrodinary people, see new places and it`s amazing what you can learn from these experiences. So if you are like me? What should you do with all these things you learn, all the new paths you have got? Well I chose to find a new way to fuck it up!

Have a great day, put on your best smile and fuck`em all!


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